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I put my Waterl<ss Dry Shampoo Through a 5 Day Torture Test

This post is sponsored by Waterl<ss.

In 2020 it’s safe to say that most of us have a stash of dry shampoo within an arm’s reach at all times. Especially with many of us now working from home, I just don’t feel the need to wash and style my hair multiple times a week (unless I’m creating a tutorial for you all of course). I’ve got a bottle of dry shampoo around every corner; on my vanity, in my “gym” (garage) and beside the disinfectant in my glove box. I’m not even sure how I got by before dry shampoo when I think about it. I think I might have had to wash my hair every other day. Which means I had to dry and style my hair every other day and ugh, I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Luckily those days are behind us, and brands like Waterl<ss have created entire lines of products to keep our hair fresh, clean and smelling good without using a single drop of water.

When I heard about Waterl<ss, I remember thinking how cool their story was and being taken back by how genuine their company mission felt. Their product line was put to the test in early 2018 during a water crisis in Cape Town. When the city announced that their population of 4 million would run out of water in just 3 months time, the product lineup (which was created to be used on diverse types of hair) proved to be the perfect option when people had no choice but to skip wash day.

Inspire by this story, I decided to put my normal wash routine on pause and partner with Waterl<ss to put their products through a 5 day torture test. *UPDATE: This torture test was done a couple weeks ago, before most of us realized how much all of our lives would be changed by this pandemic. I still wanted to share it with you because I believe we could all use a fun distraction right now (and probably an extra bottle of dry shampoo too).

Day One: Let the Games Begin

Woke up, showered and washed my hair like normal. I didn’t put any products with hold in my hair on purpose as they tend to dry my hair out a bit and extend my blow dry. No cheating here! My hair is light, fluffy, and smells like springtime.

Later that night I decided to hit the gym for a light workout. As a preemptive measure, I put a few light sprays of the Dry Shampoo No Residue into my roots on each side of my undercut and in the back crown. Post workout, my hair still felt light and airy even though I broke a slight sweat but the real test will be when I go to bed tonight. I tend to get hot at night and that can activate my natural curls which means I wake up with some pretty wild bedhead. To combat this, I add 3 more light sprays just above my undercut on the sides and on the back of my head where it lays on the pillow.

Day Two: Child’s Play

I know this is just day two, but I’m pretty impressed because it still feels like day one hair- even after sleeping on it! Also want to note how light this dry shampoo is. When they say ‘no residue’ they really do mean it. Just look at the volume! I have an off-site photo shoot this afternoon so I add a few sprays of the Waterl<ss Dry Conditioner Weightless Smooth to my bangs for extra shine! My shoot gets me home pretty late and gives me an excuse to skip the gym for today. Before bed I add in my 3 trusty sprays of dry shampoo to the sides and back before laying down.

Day Three: Bedhead

First signs of bedhead have emerged, but nothing a little finger brushing can’t fix! I have a full day of shooting with my photographer. We’re going to be in pretty close range so I decide it’s best to add the Waterl<ss Fragrance Mist in rose & peach to my routine along with just a couple light sprays of the Dry Shampoo to freshen things up. The photoshoot went great- very happy with my hair in the pictures! Still looks bouncy and shiny. I do some light yoga in the evening that keeps me from breaking too much of a sweat and I’ve managed to keep my curls at bay one more day!

Day Four: Upping the Stakes

I’ve officially travelled beyond the normal 3-day wash routine and have gone to a place most aren’t brave enough to go. It’s kind of like landing on the moon, but without the hassle of training for years. Well I made it, day 4, and dare I say my hair looks like day TWO hair! Sure, there are a few waves and bends in it that weren’t there on day 1, but it’s still got volume, no signs of grease and my scalp isn’t begging me to scrub it. I’d call that a win in my book! In the spirit of competition, I decide to up the ante a bit and go for a run. I pin my bangs back as usual and hit the pavement for a sweat session. I am dripping with sweat at the end and know that it would feel great to just dunk my entire head under the running water, but I have an inner pep talk and convince myself I’m doing this for science. Once my hair air-dries I shoot a few sprays of Dry Shampoo into the roots and hit the hay.

Day Five: The Moment of Truth

Waking up, I stumbled into the bathroom to brush my teeth and remembered we were on day five! I ran up to the mirror to see what we’re working with and a sly, satisfied grin bubbled up. I did it, WE did it. Five days of no water contact and I shockingly still looked put together! That’s five days of less water consumption, five days of time saved washing and drying, and five days of heat styling that I didn’t put my hair through.

Now I challenge you. Maybe not to five days, or even four days. Go slow and try just adding one extra day between washes with Waterl<ss, then once you’re comfortable with it, see if you can go 2 extra days. You know what they say- a woman who can handle going 3 days between washes can handle anything. Ok, maybe “they” don’t say that, but I believe it’s true! Head over to your local Wegman’s to grab yours.



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