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10 Products Worth Shopping on Black Friday

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Whether you hit the ground running on Black Friday, stay in your PJs all day eating leftover turkey or are secretly shopping from your computer at work, I've got some deals you won't want to pass up. I promise to keep it short, sweet and to only include deals that actually save you money (what is up with all the 5% off sales lately?!). Without further ado, let's get this party started!

Now through Thursday, 11/28 get 35% off your entire purchase with code 'GRATEFUL'

Why I love them: They keep me in tip-top shape, and taste great!

It's no secret I love my Olly vitamins. It's like waking up in the morning and getting to eat a handful of fruit snacks- how could anyone NOT love it! They are all honestly delicious, but I do have a few favorites...

Women's Multivitamin - you know, because I'm an adult and that's what adults do.

Probiotics - since I started taking these about 2 years ago, I very rarely get sick and I swear it's because my gut health is so good thanks to these guys

Melatonin - these put me out like a light! I just take 1 unless I'm super anxious then I'll take 2 before bed and I'm out like a light within 20 mins. They recently came out with a melatonin + elderberry (for immunity) which I ordered for myself during this sale- I love elderberry for keeping my immune system running and for stopping a cold in its tracks so excited to have this addition!

11/28 - Cyber Monday get 10% off with code 'LOUWHO'

Why I love them: Fun concept, woman-ran, small business

Freck XL is back, or atleast it will be as of 11/28! But first, let me tell you what freck is in case you don't know. For all of us who had childhood freckles that have since faded, or those of us who always wished we had freckles- now you can! Freck is a small vial of stain that comes with an applicator to apply it. I love using freck for a fresh faced look, or adding a freck or 2 to camouflage blemishes! Each XL bottle lasts 4-6 months and they have very limited quantities of the XL so don't wait to add this one to your cart!

11/29 - Cyber Monday get 20% off

Get early access and an extra 10% off if you sign up here:

Why I love them: Fun colored hair- what's not to love!? Also- they were created by Hayley Williams (lead singer of Paramore) and her hair stylist and makeup artist Brian O'Connor which reminds me of the friendship that my stylist Michele and I have.

Do you like colorful hair? Then look no further! My favorite part about GDY products is that they have such a fun shade range of hair dyes but they also make the same shades in pastes so that you can give a color a test drive so to speak before going all in! They have started release hair care products as well- the Prime is my current favorite and leaves your hair super soft and shiny!

Now - ? Get 25% off sitewide

Why I love them- The quality of their mirrors and lights is simply unmatched. Makes getting ready fun!

I honestly don't know what I would do without my mirrors from Glamcor - I have a Riki Skinny that travels everywhere with me, and a Riki Tall which is what I use for all of my morning get ready videos and livestreams! I also have their Riki Cutie (pocket-sized) and Riki Superfine (magnifying - great for doing your brows) which are amazing as well. If you have a beauty enthusiast on your list- they will love you forever for giving them one of these! For reference, the Riki Skinny is about the same size as a macbook so very easy to travel with! BONUS: I applied for an extra discount code that hasn't been approved yet, but might be by the time you read this! Try code 'LOUWHO' for an extra discount!

Now - Cyber Monday get 50% off the entire site!

Why I love them- Vegan, Clean sunless tanner that is clear, doesn't smell and won't stain your clothes!

It may be cold out, but that doesn't mean your tan has to fade! Give my favorite sunless tanner a try and keep your glow going all year long! My favorite products and how I use them:

Dark Self Tanning Water: before bed I spray myself down with this and buff it in with the mitt to make sure I didn't miss any spots. Then wake up with a fresh-from-vacation glow!

Dark Self Tanning Drops: keep the tan going using the drops- simply add a few drops to your moisturizer! I love these to enhance and prolong a tan!

Now - 11/29 get 30% off sitewide

Why I love them: Cruelty free, professional-quality makeup at drugstore prices- what's not to love!

Great time to pickup their Born to Glow Foundation (comes in 45 shades!) to keep a glow through the holidays! It's the perfect lightweight, medium-coverage foundation for a radiant look. The best part is that it's just $7 while the sale is going on! Other items I recommend snagging- Vivid Brights Liner in Sapphire, their Epic Ink Liner (my favorite liquid liner OF ALL TIME) and as many Lip Lingerie shades as your little heart desires!

Now- 11/29 get 40% off with code 'BLFRIDAY'

Why I love them: Clean beauty and ultra luxurious!

KORRES Wild Rose Spotless Serum got me through last winter! Just with 1 product, my skin felt completely nourished and pampered (it also won an Allure best of beauty award so you know it's legit!). I've never seen their products go on sale so I'm not going to miss this one for 40% off!!

Now - ? pick your own Play box for just $10

Why I love them: the Play! box is the perfect gift for yourself! Browse through the boxes till you find the one with the samples you've been dying to try! This one here is my personal pick!

Great for gifting yourself, and also a perfect intro to the world of beauty for a novice. You might also want to consider gifting an entire subscription - $10 per month for 6 samples!

Now- Cyber Monday

Why I love them: A chance to get some cult beauty products at up to 50% off!

Each day until Cyber Monday, Sephora is coming out with a hot deal that includes deep discounts on some of their most popular products. Today's deal: half off of Urban Decay's Naked3 Palette- a staple for anyone's vanity and half off Urban Decay Perversion Mascara!

Now - Cyber Monday get 20% off all orders and 30% off orders of $120+ with code 'SARAHLOUWHO'

Why I love them: Sustainable, clean beauty that is produced with a farm-to-face plan!

I've recently become obsessed with Farmacy's honey line. From the night serum, to the hydration mask and face oil- they have made me a believer! The face oil is my favorite I've ever tried- I love that it is a bit thicker due to the honey and really packs a punch of hydration.

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