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The Holidays are coming, let's #ShareSomeSweetness

This fall I’m excited to announce a partnership with eos to help spread some holiday cheer! It’s beginning to smell and taste like the holidays and I am as ready for it as a track star on the starting blocks! If you know me, or have followed me for a bit you know that there are few things I love more than the Holidays. I binge on Hallmark movies and hot cocoa (the kind with the mini marshmallows, because if your cocoa doesn’t have marshmallows, you’re not doing it right) like they are going out of style and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Each holiday season in my house has some similarities and traditions, but each one is also slightly evolved in their own way. For instance, last year I succumbed to the ‘faux tree’ life. It was just too hard with my cats and dogs to keep a real tree, well, standing. So I went on the hunt for the best faux tree I could find and must say, I’m pretty happy with it. It has baby pine cones on the branches and a remote to control the twinkle lights, but the one thing I am missing is the smell. The holidays have their own distinct smells and flavors that bring the whole feeling together don’t they? Things like cinnamon, crisp winter air, nutmeg, chocolate and Frasier fur that I crave all year long. Luckily for us, eos bottled up some of those flavors and put them into their new Holiday flavored lip balm.

In partnering with eos, I’ve learned a lot about the brand. The first time I saw one of their sphere lip balms, I obviously noted how adorable they are. The first time using one of their balms, I noted how fun it was to use. (Who would have thought using a lip balm would be described as ‘fun’?) Well, it turns out, making lip balm fun is exactly what eos’ creators originally set out to do. Their mission since the beginning being to perform and deliver moments of joy. How sweet is that? Makes sense though, looking back to when I first used their balm and lotion- that is exactly what they did for me. And now- they’re delivering some special joy- holiday cheer, if you will.

Take their Holiday flavor, First Snow, for example, reading the name of it and the smell of just cracking it open immediately takes me back to that first snow day as a kid. Waking up and rubbing my eyes to discover flurries out of my window was an instant party-starter for me because it meant sledding was in session! For a lip balm to bring out nostalgic, happy memories from childhood is nothing short of magic, as I’m sure most of us have fond memories we can tie to this scent. Whether it be snow days from school, our first sled, Christmas morning, baking cookies and pies, or staying in PJs all day, I hope that it brings you joy too. One thing you can count on is that every one of their balms are absolutely delicious- First Snow specifically is made up of crisp and refreshing flavors like lemon grass (one of my favorite scents), orange, bergamot and frosted mint leaves. You can also rest assured that their organic lip balm is certified organic, 100% natural, as well as paraben and petrolatum free. And on top of the amazing scent, it’s going to soften and protect your lips with shea butter and jojoba oil. If you ask me, those are just added bonuses ;)

My first application of the First Snow balm fast forwarded me right into the holiday spirit, so I’ll most likely be in my attic getting down my decorations the day after Halloween with First Snow on my lips, Santa socks on my feet and a pep in my step. Other things you can bet on- that everyone in my house will have one in their stocking on Christmas morning because stocking stuffers don’t have to be basic and eos lip balms are anything but that. If you want to get ahead of the game and get your hands on some of their Holiday Flavors to #ShareSomeSweetness, you can order them online here.

Happy Holiday season to all of you- I hope every second of it is magical.



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