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The Pixie Survival Kit

So you got a Pixie… now what?

First of all- pat yourself on the back. Like, seriously… I’ll wait. Because I know it takes guts. I know you had at least 1 person give you the “are you surrrrre?” Talk all while they had this cringy look on their face that had ‘you’re making a huge mistake!’ Written all over it. I know you wondered whether you had the right face shape for it, whether you’d look like a boy, whether your significant other (or future significant other) would hate it. But still- you went for it. And it feels damn good doesn’t it? Go ahead and smile and nod ‘cuz I know you feel like a bad ass and you have every right to. Because in spite of those fears you had about it, you went for it and that’s what life is all about.

Alright, alright, on to why you’re really reading this…. The Pixie Survival Kit.

pixie cut

As you probably know by now, pixie cuts come with their own quirks that other styles don’t have. Things like “side fluff” and “pixie bed head” are real things folks! But fear not, I have searched the globe to find the remedies! (Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration- but I did scour the internet and my local target at least). Below are the products I’ve found to be especially helpful while living the pixie life…

First up should be no surprise if you follow me on instagram because I use these little guys in about 90% of my hair tutorials. My pixie friends and I call this “pixie crack” because it’s that addicting: Puff.Me and Puff.Me Light by Design.Me.

What it’s good for: giving your pixie that extra oomph when it’s falling flat, some texture if it’s too blah, and some grip for fun braids and twists.

If you have thick hair, opt for the pink bottle. If you have fine or thinner hair, go for the Light version in the white bottle.

Why I love it: When my hair is freshly blown-out it can be a little too whispy, but a few pumps of this gives it that lived-in feel without weighing down any of my volume. Plus, it helps to extend my blowout an extra day or two ;)

Added bonus: save 15% by ordering it here and using code ‘LOUWHO’ at checkout.

Full disclosure: I love Kristin Ess. Her hair styles are just gorgeous and if you aren’t already following her you can do so by clicking here. Only thing I might love more than her, is her product line which is sold exclusively at Target. The product that made the Pixie Survival Kit is the Depth Defining Water-Based pomade.

What it’s good for: giving a smooth blowout a little more of a piece-y feel without making it feel oily and weighed down.

Why I love it: It being water-based means that it will wash out much easier than other pomades, preventing build up that could weigh you down.

Added bonus: It’s sold at most Target stores, so you can head to yours right now for some instant pomade gratification! Oh yeah- and it’s only $10!

We’ve all had a case of pixie bedhead so bad that we just gave up and washed out hair to not even have to fight with it. But this dry shampoo foam is my weapon of choice for that. Because it is a foam, it relaxes the hair much like getting it wet does, but because it’s a dry shampoo, it is super fast drying so it won’t mess up your style or cause frizz like just putting water on it would.

What’s it good for: Battling those little pieces that stick out and make you look like you’re half homeless.

Why I love it: It gives you the feeling of washed hair without, ya know, actually having to wash your hair.

Added bonus: it comes in travel size so you can stay bedhead-free on vacay too!

If you have an undercut pixie, you know the struggles of side fluff. For those of you who don’t know- this is when the hair on the side of your head sticks out about an inch away from your scalp giving you an extra inch of head width on each side and total helmet-head vibes. With the help of dart, those helmet head days can be a thing of the past.

What it’s good for: getting your side hair to lay flat and chill out.

Why I love it: the portability of the packaging in the stick makes this perfect to throw in your purse and take anywhere to keep your hair in check at all times.

Added bonus: can be used all over before blow drying hair for added texture.

A benefit of having a pixie cut is that it is so versatile and just plain cool. With having such cool hair, you may be tempted at times to dye it fun colors every other week. Which can lead to over-processed, damaged hair. I for one, am a fan of a platinum pixie, but I am not a fan of a fried pixie- which is where Olaplex comes in. This treatment rebuilds the hair from within, making it stronger and smoother.

What it’s good for: hair that has been color processed and especially if it has been bleached.

Why I love it: I put this treatment on about once a week, and it continues to improve my hair more each time. Whatever the opposite word of brittle is, that’s how this makes my hair feel- like it’s got it’s bounce back.

Added bonus: can be mixed with hair color for a little added fun after you wash it out!

And there you have it guys, my starting lineup in the Pixie Survival Kit. There is one more thing that I’d like to add before finishing though, and it’s more important than any of the above products in looking good with a pixie cut- it’s attitude. No matter what your hair looks like- rock the hell out of it, own the hell out of it and I promise you that you will never know what a bad hair day feels like ever again.

In Pixie Dust We Trust,

Sarah LouWho

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