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Mysterious Monat

I have a problem- I collect hair products. Not in the hoarding kind of way, but in the 'each one of these does something slightly different' kind of way. And I have a little shelf section that is dedicated to the Magnify System by Monat.

The Magnify System includes three things:

1. Renew Shampoo

The Claim: a hydrating cleanser that strengthens hair follicles all the while treating the scalp to encourage growth.

2. Revitalize Conditioner

The Claim: delivers moisture and nutrients to plump and revitalize the hair.

3. Moxie Magnifying Mousse

The Claim: weightless volume and body without the mousse-y crunch or stiffness all the while providing sun protection and reduction of hair thinning.

The benefits of this system should be seen within 30 days and are guaranteed after 90. In the 3 month process, you experience detox, recovery and then stabilization. In my experience with this set I didn't notice much of the 'detox' stage where you may experience some dryness and shedding. I've been using Monat on and off (I switch other shampoos/conditioners/mousses in between) for almost 4 months now and here is what I personally think and how I use it....

First off, I don't really shampoo my hair as often as most people- every 3 days is my normal schedule. After three days my hair still isn't very greasy, but I'll have product buildup I want out. The monat shampoo goes a long way, I use about a quarter size amount for my head. After using I can tell you that my head feels squeaky clean, if you are a person who shampoos every other day or every day and feels like their hair gets dirty fast- then this shampoo is for you! It frightened me a bit the first time I used it because it seemed like it dried out my hair when I was in the shower but once I shampooed and conditioned it wasn't any drier than normal.

The conditioner is nice and hydrating (both the shampoo and conditioner smell great by the way) so it is a perfect match to the shampoo. After my first time using both, there wasn't really a "Voila!" moment, but good things take time so I had patience.

I must say if there was anything that did give me the Voila-moment it was the Moxie Mousse. This stuff is awesome! Like, really awesome. I use mousse every time I blow dry my hair- it isn't a huge change for me- but the first day I used my Moxie Mousse I got a TON of compliments just on how shiny and bouncy my hair looked. Let's face it- we all want shiny and we all want bouncy so I considered that a huge win.

Now fast forward to months down the line...

I've stayed patient and committed to the process and I am so glad I did! I'm still on the same bottles and I feel like I'm not loosing as much hair in the shower, my hair seems healthier in general (less frizzy, less split ends) and although I don't feel like I have more hair, I feel like the follicles in general are stronger and I have less breakage than I used to.

Bottom Line- would I get it again? Yes- but I would like to try the Hydration System Line. I think that the Magnify System is perfect for someone who's hair gets greasy and dirty and weighed down because of it but I've come to realize I really need to focus more on moisturizing my hair. I have to shampoo so seldomly that when I do I want to make sure I'm pumping as much hydration in as possible. Check back in a couple months and maybe I'll have a review of that one up :)

For anyone concerned with hair loss and thinning, or can't achieve maximum volume because your hair gets weighed down from day to day "stuff"- this is your Holy Grail! Also- I know I said it already but I cannot say enough how awesome the Moxie Mousse is- probably my favorite I have tried to date!

You can find all the products I mentioned in this post from this site.

Happy Hairstyling!



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