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Cut, Color and Cupcakes

Every 6 weeks I get to head over to Boho House to hang out with the family over there, and I always bring something sweet. What's better than a day at the salon you ask? A day at the salon with donuts, duh! This time I switched it up a bit and brought some cupcakes instead (if you are ever in the Vero area, stop by classy cupcakes- everything they make is amazing). So I grabbed my cupcake and sat down in Michele's chair. She always gives me this expected look with eyebrows raised, asking what kind of crazy plan I have in store for us that day. This time we kept it simple... kinda ;)

First order of business- get rid of those roots! Although I love the rooty look, and I think I'll be going back to hair painting my head in the future, there's just nothing like a platinum blonde head. Michele mixes some special little serum into the bleach so that it doesn't tingle or burn before she applies it. The night after a bleach, I slather pink lotion all over my scalp which gets rid of that tight-head feeling :)

We rinsed out the bleach and shampoo'ed with

fanola no-yellow shampoo before toning...

Because I am a sucker for pastels, I can never resist the temptation of a new color each time we bleach. And this time, it just so happened that Michele had picked up a new coral color from Redken! All it took was for her to show me the color of the dye and I was all in.

Next up was for us to rinse, cut and style. I've uploaded the video of the cut to my YouTube channel (link below) so that you guys can see what Michele uses to cut and shape me. A ton of people ask what size guard we use on the clippers, but she uses shears and a comb on the back and razors the top and sides. If you want a pixie close to mine, I recommend showing your stylist the pixie 360 above and the video as well. Hope it's helpful for you!

Peace, Love and Pixies

xoxo Sarah

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