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Getting the Guts to get a Pixie

This past July I walked into Boho House Salon and asked Michele "are you ready for this?" And by this, I of course meant chopping the rest of my hair off. I had been going to Michele for over a year and she had (over and over again) earned my trust enough for me to take the leap of faith.

You don't just wake up and decide one day that you should get a pixie, it's more of a slow-burning obsession. You see, for the last 6 or so years, a pixie cut has been on my 'someday' list. I would pick up 'short hair' magazines in book stores to get ideas, dedicated about 90% of my Pinterest board to pixies and envied every single woman I saw who had one. I envied them because they had the guts to do it and although I have always thought of myself as a brave person, I didn't. I always ended up talking myself out of it. Could I pull it off? Probably not. What would my head look like? Big- definitely big. What would people say to me? That I looked like a boy, or ask if I was going through some kind of crisis. What the hell would I do if I couldn't put my hair in a pony tail?! Die, obviously.

Surprise! I was wrong... so, so wrong. About all of it.

Something clicked for me this year, I don't know how or why but I have suddenly become acutely aware of the things that I want and have decided I am not going to let anything come in between me and those things.

The beginning of July began with me knocking another thing I desperately wanted off of my list- a visit to the Amalfi Coast of Italy. It was life changing, whimsical and fattening. If you are on the fence about going- book your ticket, pack your bag and GO.

The end of July was more bad ass than whimsical, yet still life changing and dare I say slimming? (Turns out pixie cuts add about 2 inches to how long your neck looks- unexpected bonus!) This was the day I decided to go from my Bob to a certified Pixie!

pixie cut

Our first cut was a perfect beginner pixie. We left a good amount of length on the top and sides so I could still tuck it behind my ears (a baby step away from a pony). Michele painted on some highlights to accentuate the cut and out I went into the world! Can you remember the feeling of walking out of a classroom knowing you just aced a test? Feeling like a total bad ass for just rocking the hell out of it? That is what it feels like to get a pixie from a stylist who knows you and your hair well enough to give you the perfect cut. I was getting stopped by EVERYONE- complete strangers in the supermarket- telling me that my haircut looked great on me. Little old ladies, middle aged men, other women of all ages, sizes and color, and even my nephew gave me props! (Take that ex boyfriend who said I could never rock short hair :P )

At this point of the pixie process you're just high on life, and feeling reassured. Like there was a reason you've wanted this cut for so long- it was meant for you! I truly believe there is a good pixie cut for everyone, but I highly recommend building a relationship with your stylist so that he or she knows your personality and even more importantly, they know your hair. If you are on the fence, take a look at my Pinterest boards or at pixie-dedicated accounts on Instagram. A couple good ones are @nothingbutpixies @pixie_inspirations @hashtagpixiecuts @chica_pixie @hoosierpixie and @panovaev. Find a style that catches your eye and talk to your stylist about it. We'd love to have you in the Pixie family :).

xoxo Sarah

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