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Hair Stylist Search 2019

Ever so often I publish a 'Tag a Stylist' post on my instagram in an attempt to link people to the stylists of their dreams in their town. My last tag a stylist post was a little different than my previous, because this time I upped the stakes a bit. I asked everyone to tag a hair stylist that can do a killer short cut, whether that stylist be their own stylist, a friend, or themselves and promised to comb through them and find honorable mentions to write about in this blog post. The response was wonderful! We had almost 600 comments of people requesting and recommending stylists. Needless to say, finding 10 talented stylists was incredibly easily, limiting myself to just mentioning 10 was definitely the hard part!

But alas! You're here for the hair- so let's get to it!

(I will mention that these are all in random order)

1. @debirussellhair Orlando, FL

Clearly comfortable with different hair textures and shapes, all of her cuts look and feel like they are tailored to fit each individual's personality and quirks- a vital trait when looking for a stylist to cut your hair off!

2. @creationsbyroxanne Denver, CO

Whiskey in a tea cup. That's what Roxanne's work looks like to me. Incredibly feminine and pretty, but with more than a dash of bad ass. If you're looking for superhero hair- she's your woman.

3. @shapeshifter_hair Austin, TX

Clean fades, effortless shag or swoopy bangs- Kate has mastered them all. The before and after photos that she often posts is a reminder of just how magical hair stylists really are.

4. @brianhickman1 Nashville

If you want to get lost scrolling and drooling over short hair, I highly recommend a visit to Brian's page. And if you want some of the coolest hair around, I'd recommend a visit to his chair. Rockstar yet real and feminine yet fierce; you're guaranteed to feel 10x cooler walking out of his salon.