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Malachite stone set in jeweler's brass with hammered finish.


Earring hooks are 14k Gold-Filled. 


Malachite is known for it’s ability to absorb negative energy and bring transformation.


The striations in the stone give Malachite it’s beautiful distinct appearance, but it is a sensitive/soft stone and must be handled and cleaned carefully. Avoid harsh chemicals or strenuous activity while wearing to prevent cracks and chips.



** All jewelry is individually handmade,  one-of-a-kind creations and not factory manufactured. As a result, products will have subtle variations from one piece to the next and are non-refundable. **

Malachite Half-Moon Earrings

  • Malachite is a stone on the softer side and can be prone to cracking and chipping if not cared for properly.

    Avoid harsh chemicals, steam cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning.

    Avoid activity that will cause the stone to make any contact with hard objects.

    Store in a dry space to prevent tarnish. May  buff with brass polish to remove any tarnish.

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