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What is Hypnosis?

Almost everyone has heard of or has an idea of hypnosis, but often these ideas are far from reality thanks to the ways that Hollywood and the media have misconstrued it. Hypnosis is not making people cluck like chickens, sleep, mind control or some kind of truth serum (sadly, I think there would be a LOT more people studying it if that were the case).

The simplest definition of hypnosis I've come across comes from Grace Smith, whom I have the privilege of studying under, and she defines it as "Meditation with a goal".  And it is that simple.

You see, everyone can be hypnotized because we go in and out of hypnosis naturally throughout the day. Maybe you've caught yourself day dreaming, zoning out on the highway, or coming up with the best ideas while in the shower or cooking dinner, Although you are aware of what you are doing and physically going through the motions, your focus is elsewhere. This is most likely because your brain was in the theta brain wave state. Theta is the state where the part of our mind that does all of the analyzing (our conscious mind) becomes relaxed, allowing us to tap into the part of our mind that controls habits, beliefs and emotions (our subconscious mind).

What to expect in your session...

Every session kicks off with an in-depth discussion into the area you want to work on.  This allows us to really hone in on a topic of focus. After we decide on an area of focus, I'll teach you how to do self-hypnosis at home. That's right, you can hypnotize yourself! I'll email you the instructions tailored to you post-session so that you can continue the work whenever and wherever you want.

Once you've dipped your toe in and feel how relaxing it is, we'll do a deep dive where I walk you through relaxation techniques to put your mind into the theta state where all the magic happens!

This all happens from the comfort of your own home. Before our session via zoom, I'll send you some steps to make sure your space is as conducive to having a great session.

Sound good? 

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